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1. Tube size: 48*3mm, 48*2.5mm, 60*3mm 
2. Finish: Wholly HDG 
3. Package: Packed in Pallet 
4. Clamps and posts fit together 


1. Material: Black tube of 48*2.5mm, 48*3mm, 60*3mm, 75*4mm

2. Size can be customized

4. With deifferent length and angle.

5. Finish: Wholly HDG

6.  Packed in pallet

7. Prices based on Current tube prices and zinc prices






Another style:




Hop dip galvanized pipe.


l Made from heavy duty 60mm O.D. Pipe


l Biggest Pipe Bend: 115mm O.D.


l Fully Adjustable Neckrail & Clamp


l Galvanized for High Durability


l Pipe Welding: 60.3*3


l Hot Plate T=5


l Standard parts: M12*50


l Weight: 20kg


l 680sets/40HQ







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