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This unit is a combination of excellent manufacturing and design. It is comprised of a rigid frame and a durable cover. For easy assembly, we have marked all the parts with codes, with proper installation, use and maintenance, your unit will provide many years of good and suitable service.

Tools required
The following hand tool will be needed for proper Installation of your new Big Bear building:
12mm, 14mm, and 17mm Open End Wrenches,
12mm, 14mm, 17mm Sockets or Box Wrench,
Large Flat Head Screwdriver,
2lb maul or Sledgehammer
4 Foot Level 14' Step Ladder
Stake &String for aligning Base Plates &Frame

Assembly procceduee
1. Prepare location and place all unit boxes near location sight. Perform an inventory check before beginning, to be certain all components are available for installation.
2. Secure base plate flanges to base surface.
3. Assemble every group of arch.
4. Begin frame assembly with front end arch, first interior arch, purlins, etc.
5. Add to assemble other groups of arches.
6. Install main cover over frame.
7. Install end cover over end panels.

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Read all the detailed instructions and notices in the following assembly instructions!

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