Cotton straw harvester 

agricultural implements rotavator

This machines is used for cutting cotton straw with root from the land.

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    This cotton stem harvester is used for cutting cotton stem . During operation, the tractor pushes the machine forward, the ground wheel transmission belt drives the pulling disk turning, the pulling disk pulls them out when meet stems, conveys them backward, puts them in the field after piled up .This kind of machine can cutting the cotton stem with root from the land

Model: 4MJ-2                         

Driven power (hp): 15-20hp tractor

Overall dimensions: (L*W*H):1115mm*1280mm*715mm

Working rows: 2

Working speed: (km/hour) less than 5

Working efficiency (Acre/hour): 0.6-1.1

Hanging method: forward type

Overall weight (kg): 105


agricultural machine harvester

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